Imagine if YOU
could become an explorer on your personal  journey of creative expression!
We're here to tell you that it is possible and our new gathering of teachers, artists, and creators are going to share with you how they do it so that you can to!

In the STOKE YOUR CREATIVE FIRE SUMMIT you will learn from those who are making an artful contribution to this world. Are you ready to be totally inspired and hear amazingly good news with hope and creativity?

This lifetime is happening, so let’s make an ARTFUL life.
(a life without creativity is a wasted opportunity!)

The goal for STOKE YOUR CREATIVE FIRE SUMMIT is different than any other online summit you have joined before. It’s not about giving you a ton of information about how to heal yourself. Its purpose is to reveal that each one of us holds the medicine inside of us already.

We have untapped healing creative potential through simply expressing our passions. Maybe it’s a story, a song, a joke, a painting or a whole one-person show! We have learned that people heal when they express themselves – not just to be seen by an audience – but for the pure act of feeling alive with our own essence!

Healing through creativity is not about performing to get applause…it's about feeling our own cells vibrate with our innate presence. It’s about sharing ourselves, being seen and known, and connecting to our divine spark within. We are seeking a new way to heal our planet, our neighbors, our families, our communities, our clients. We believe it's about helping people remember how amazing, expressive, imaginative, hilarious, dramatic, playful, worthy, valued and resourceful they are… now!

TONI BERGINS & JOY OKOYE of JOURNEYDANCE & THE REMEDY are bringing you presentations from 12 extraordinary creatives who have found ways to heal, create community, and transform lives through their creative contribution to this world!  You’ll hear about everything from healing through song writing, changing body image through photography, comedy to heal anxiety, theater to heal grief, painting to connect to your divine source and much more.

In each interview, we’re talking intimately about how each artist has healed themselves through their own creativity and how they bring their passion to the world! 

You won't want to miss these conversations.
INTERVIEW #1: Jade Beall - A woman who is changing the world of BODY IMAGE through photography of the naked form.
INTERVIEW #2:  The Brothers Koren - 2 Men who are changing the world through song and RECLAMATION OF OUR VOICES.
INTERVIEW #3: Anne Randolph - A comedian who takes difficult life situations and finds the gold and HUMOR TO HEAL
INTERVIEW #4: Thomas Evans - An artist who is changing the world through his unique artist expression.
AND MANY MORE POWERFUL INTERVIEWS ... Aviva Gold, Lainie Love Dalby, Dreemy of BAE, Radiance Thompson, Julia Mikk, Cristi Cristensen, Will Purpura and Jaymin Patel
We have some creative inspiration for you in the Stoke Your Creative Fire Summit!!!
Our goal after each interview is that you are inspired to....

  • Reclaim your voice! Reclaim your inner artist!
  • Discover where your fears may have blocked you from your free expression…
  • Say hello to your sense of humor!
  • Take your passion and share it with the world!
Summit Speakers
Ann Randolph
 Writer / Comedian
Radiance Thompson
Energy Healer
Jade Beall
The Brothers Koren
Voice Leaders
Will Purpura
Comedian / Writer
Cristi Christensen
Author & Yoga Leader
Reem Abdou
Sonic Alchemist
Julia Mikk
Breath of Love Institute
Jaymin Patel
Soul Mentor
Aviva Gold
Lainie Love Dalby
Embodied Leader
Thomas Evans
Meet Your Summit Hosts
Toni Bergins, MEd, is an artistic alchemist, passionate catalyst and the creator of JourneyDance™ and the Embodied Transformations Method coaching program. For over 25 years, Toni has helped thousands of people break out of their boxes, transform their angst into art, turn their vulnerability into strength, and move into new stories through embodied practice and emotional empowerment.

A leader in transformational movement, she has trained over 1000 JourneyDance™ Teachers internationally and has presented workshops and trainings at centers including Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Pure Yoga, New York Open Center and more.  She has been featured at festivals like Wanderlust, LoveLight, BlessFest, Unifier and more.

She leads Online Programs & Teacher Trainings and has a private coaching practice. She has been featured in magazines, books, podcasts, has a popular JourneyDance™ streaming channel and an inspired clothing line. H

In 2019 her debut album of original songs inspired by her life and work is called Never Too Late was released along with her first one woman show, The Therapy Show, a musical, movement and comic journey about life and healing.

Joy is a spiritual intuitive who facilitates consciousness-expanding experiences using movement, breath, and divinely channeled sound. As a JourneyDance™ Facilitator on the Teaching Training Staff trained in the Embodied Transformation Method™, she facilitates a wide range of programs with Toni Bergins, most recently The Remedy and Angst into Art.  Joy’s vocal artistry ranges from sound healing to confessional songwriting and singing the blues. Joy launched The Embodied Woman Mentoring program and founded Ecstatic Dance Jersey, to create celebratory environments for self-healing through ritual, compassionate connection, and creative expression. 
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